YAN Sri Lanka

Blood Donation Campaign

Objective –

Organized in parallel with the first year anniversary of YAN Sri Lanka youth network


YAN Sri lanka which celebrates its first anniversary was able to reach out and speak to the hearts of the Sri Lankan youth becoming one of the most prominent and active youth communities in the country.

YAN Sri Lanka is a voluntary youth network which is a subsidiary of ADIC Sri Lanka, the pioneer in tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention established in 1987. YAN network which work for the wellbeing of physical, mental and social life of the local youth comprises a member network of 3000 from each district working on voluntary basis representing Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslims, and the network further expands to more than 6000 via social media platforms.

The event was held on 27th May from 8am to 3.30pm at Apeksha Hospital in Maharagama organized by Colombo zone of YAN Sri lanka, which empowers young voluntary leaders.


The event was held during the Covid19 pandemic period, and was executed accordingly to the rules and regulations imposed by the government. Awareness about this event was made via social media and around 100 donators who expressed their willingness to donate blood were registered. The specialty about the donators registered is all of them are from Colombo region. Furthermore, a number of celebrities joined and extended their support. Congestions among the donators were avoided by assigning specific time slots for each person. Every donator was gifted with a token of appreciated by the member of Colombo Zone.


Contributing in reducing the lack of blood reserves due to the Covid 19 pandemic situation.

Proving the the resilience of YAN Sri Lanka and its community service against problematic situations to the society.

Gaining further publicity within the society.

Vishva Madhumal

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